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Peace and war through the eyes of children

For savvy person the combination of words in the title is illogical, unnatural, and cynical. But today's realities in Ukraine forced to accept dangerous, disturbing, and life-threatening events in the Eastern Ukraine as a great tragedy and misfortune, especially for children.
During the undeclared war in the East of our country's a lot of military and civilians has died, and a lot of children among them. While there, the children see how war is going on, how people are dying and their homes and schools are being destroyed. In moments of fear, despair, and shocks the human organism instinctively and subconsciously switches safety features on that serve albeit weak but an absorber to reduce the negative impact of these phenomena. In such circumstances, children are the most vulnerable and their not yet consolidated and protected organisms, their mind and physical condition react very sensitive in somatic, psychological condition, and on the physical layer.
The response of children to the tragic circumstances in the Eastern Ukraine was the need to convey, to express, to reflect in childlike drawings their anxious fear, pain, and anxiety, their vision of the events and tragedies. Children's drawings are a defenseless cri de coeur for peace, for justice, for their right to peaceful childhood, for a happy future.
Being not indifferent, Ukrainian society in various ways due to opportunities finds forms and methods to engage efforts and ability to help and support those who are in dire need of financial, material, and moral support.
At this difficult time the International Order of St. Stanislas in Ukraine could not stand aside. Grand Master Pavlo V’yalov and Knight Commander of the Order Maksym Melnyk, the Head of Ukrainian Publishing House “Sophia-A”, have launched the organizational and practical actions for accumulation of children's drawings.

 Pavlo Vialov Grand Master of the International Order of St. Stanislas Pavlo Vialov     Grand Master of the International Order of St. Stanislas

 Maksym Melnyk Chevalier of the International Order of St. Stanislas Maksym Melnyk  Chevalier of the International Order of St. Stanislas

the children themselves suggested, prompted adults to develop children’s initiative: through children’s picture to merge, consolidate both children and adults at high values, moral principles, understanding, empathy, and worrying about the future of Ukraine.
That’s why, having a community of conscientious Knights of Honor gathered, Pavlo V’yalov and Maksym Melnyk started collecting, forming, and replication of children’s drawings to demonstrate them to as many interested spectators as possible. So, the Kyivan Publishing House “Sophia-A” in October, 2014 has traveled to sixteen schools and orphanages in the Eastern Ukraine (Kramators’k, Rubizhne, Slovians’k, and Sviatohirsk). Children created almost 700 drawings.
In order to draw world attention to the tragic events in the conflict zone in Ukraine, active help and assistance stop fighting, because in this situation children are the most affected, a series of children's drawings exhibitions “Peace and war through the eyes of children” in the world is offered, maintaining business and partner relationships with organizations, associations, and foundations in other countries.
At the end of the exhibition of children's drawings a final exhibition will be held at the National Museum of Kyiv, and book-report stating benefactors will be prepared and presented. All funds collected will be used to help children affected by military operations in the Eastern Ukraine.
These exhibitions are international events that resonate in every country in the world where peace, goodness, justice, and freedom are appreciated. Such events contribute to the consolidation of people, and today the Ukrainian nation is more united than ever in the face of threat to the state of Ukraine and humanity.
Peace and war through the eyes of children - Japan
On January 10-11, 2015 in the International Cultural Centre (Kyoto, Japan) was the first exhibition of children's drawings “Peace and war through the eyes of children.” The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the City Hall, Japan NGOs. Residents of Kyoto met exhibition very warmly. Chevaliers of the Order of St. Stanislas Masako Terada and Nobuhiro Terada, Society of Kyoto-Kyiv Friendship took the most active part in organizing of the exhibition.
Representatives of the Emperor and the Mayor of Kyoto handed letters of congratulations to the organizers of the exhibition. After the official opening at the International Cultural Center it was moved to schools of Kyoto.
Peace and war through the eyes of children - China
On January 17, 2015 at the Embassy of Ukraine to China, with the assistance of the Ukrainian House in Beijing a charity exhibition of children's drawings “Peace and war through the eyes of children” opened, which was preceded by an important organizational and creative work.
Opening this exhibition in Beijing Ambassador of Ukraine to China Oleg Diomyn affirmated that until the aggression is stopped, until supply of war attributes to mercenaries, traitors, terrorists, criminals, and generally killers is terminated, people there will continue to die and suffer. He expressed hope that through the exhibition as many concerned people will support Ukraine in its struggle for peace and for a bright future for a happy childhood. Children's drawings are young artists’ sincere works of art. After the official opening there was a broadcast of video address from children creators of drawings. Ukrainian songs and touching poems performed by children and young people also took place.
The exhibition organizers appeal to not indifferent people for helping children who have suffered as a result of the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine, realizing deeply the horror and astonishment which children had to see and experience. Visitors with genuine interest and enthusiasm had a good look at pictures of children, trying to understand the progress of their thoughts, logical thinking, deep experiences of children during the creation of drawings, paintings. They were willing to buy the paintings, putting in this action warmth and empathy, wanting to contribute a little to this noble mission. On the day of this event nearly 20,000 yuan were collected. Another $ 10,000 were vired to the organization by Wang Qing, Chairman of the “Sinvey” telecommunications company. The remaining works are to be bought for the 600 yuan per picture by a patron.

Peace and war through the eyes of children - USA
            The exhibition "Peace and war through the eyes of children" at the Exhibition Cultural Center, Los Angeles, USA was hold on February 22 and 23, 2015. It was deeply meaningful that it was the day when Commemorative Prayer was hold for the Heavenly Hundred – i.e. Patriots of Ukraine, who gave their lives for an independent, native Ukraine.
            Great support, assistance, and support were rendered in this business by Chev.
Bohdan Futey, GCCStS, Chev. Mykhailo Savkiv, CStS, Lady Tetiana Samarska-Voznyuk, OStS, Mr. Andrew Futey, Ukrainian Congress Committee, and Ms. Chrystyna Shymkovych, Head of Ukrainian Cultural Center.
            Many Chevaliers of the Order participated at the opening ceremony, including the world-renowned costume designer Keith Holman, who have worked for a long time with Michael Jackson. Stylist gave few things that belonged to Michael Jackson for the final auction during the final exhibition in Kiev.
Peace and war through the eyes of children - England
On March 21-22, 2015, in London, UK, the regular exhibition of a series of international charity exhibitions "Peace and War though eyes of children" took place.
Considerable support in organization and conducting of the exhibition on the English side was provided by:
                Inna Hryhorovych, Director of Sabbath School;
                Natalia Ravlik, Euromaidan, London
                Vlodko Pavliuk, Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (London Branch);
                Anna Phillips, volunteer.
The exhibition was visited by a delegation of the British Branch of the International Order of Saint Stanislas, led by Chev. Steven Turner, Grand Prior of the Order for England, Chancellor of the Order for the Commonwealth of Nations. Guests made a close acquaintance with the exhibition and made substantial donations.